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Pointers to Help You Select Your Best Fit Contractor

Not all remodeling contractors are created equally. A.M.Carter Construction Inc. has over 30 years experience in building and remodeling homes in the Triangle and Boston areas two of the fastest growing areas in the nation. We have completed numerous kitchen remodels, room and deck additions, and bathroom remodeling projects. Over the years, we have learned what clients look for when choosing a general contractor. These five tips can help you save money (and avoid the often expected renovation headaches)

-Theory to Practice
With the downward trend of new home sales and construction, many general contractors are flocking to the home remodeling industry. The transition away from new home construction may seem intuitive, but the principles are not necessarily interchangeable. As a company with over 30 years of experience in the both new construction and remodeling, A.M. Carter Construction, Inc. understands the theory and practice of both construction disciplines.

Unlike most industries, hiring a contractor with extensive experience in home remodeling does not mean that you will have to pay more. We believe that experience shows the longevity of a business, and means that the company or contractor is more than a “fly by night” operation. Experienced home remodeling contractors are more likely to give an accurate time frame for completion and provide a detailed written estimate for your project. It also means that the contractor has a well-established network of subcontractors that they trust to provide the best services to our clients.

Fancy websites or advertisements don't always provide an in-depth understanding of a remodeling contractor's experience level - get references! Your home is your investment. Ask to see actual images of past projects. It is important to know if the contractor has previous experience with homes in your area and your price range. Many remodeling contractors should be able to provide a list of past and current clients that you may contact. A.M. Carter Construction has built its business almost exclusively on word of mouth referrals; we understand the importance of customer satisfaction.

-Full Project Scope
The media has a tendency of sensationalizing the hard work and effort that goes into home renovation, leading many to believe that individuals with “handyman” skills can handle major projects. The process of renovation is multidimensional: meeting specific building codes and regulations, scheduling and coordination of services, and continuing interactions with the homeowner. A good contractor understands the full scope of the project, and is familiar with city or area codes and ordinances that may impact project completion.
-Follow Up
Any homeowner willing to invest in any home renovation project should expect the contractor to follow up after project completion. Time has a way of impacting construction materials and revealing unexpected flaws. A good contractor understands and anticipates any issues that may arise. They must also be able to inform you if a particular upgrade may or may not be best  solution for your project. We pride ourselves in offering experienced feedback concerning the compatibility of your design decisions and the limits of the home project. Follow up is greatly impacted by a company’s experience and longevity. By hiring an experienced contractor, you can trust that the company will be there to complete the project to your satisfaction.