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Watts-Hillandale , the current view
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Living in Watts-Hillandale in the 21st Century

The Watts Hospital-Hillandale neighborhood is known for its tree-lined streets, and its historic, bungalow-style homes, most of which were built during the first part of the twentieth century. Watts Hospital-Hillandale residents are known for their strong sense of community: many of them are active in the Watts Hospital Hillandale Neighborhood Association and involved in the local political process.

Watts Hospital-Hillandale Parks:

Residents of Watts Hospital-Hillandale enjoy using the neighborhoods four parks: Oval Park, Indian Trail Park, Westover Park and Belmont Park. Four-acre Oval Park is considered "the heart of the neighborhood", and is the site of many annual community events, including the Watts Hospital-Hillandale Fourth of July Parade. The community also has a trail network which includes a half-mile section of the West Ellerbee Creek Trail which runs between Indian Trail Park and Westover Park.

Watts Hospital-Hillandale Shopping, Services and Dining:

There isn't too much shopping to be found within the boundaries of this almost purely residential neighborhood. However, there is plenty of shopping nearby, including some within walking distance.

Broad Street, on Watts Hospital-Hillandale's eastern boundary has plenty of shopping, including a Whole Foods Grocery Store. And Durham's Ninth Street Shopping District is less than half a mile South of Englewood Ave, the neighborhood's southern boundary.

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